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Recent Pubs, 4 July 2022

This week in New Pubs, in addition to the new issue of JoBS that just dropped, we have Alam and Wood on implicit authorization of mass violence (vis-a-vis the Rohingya in Myanmar); Phyu Phyu Oo and Davies on gender based violence in northern Shan State and victim-centered justice mechanisms; finally, Passeri on the way authoritarian … Continue reading

Special New Pubs: JoBS 26.1 (2022) is now out!

Journal of Burma Studies‘ first issue of 2022 is hot off presses. It’s articles are: Saruya, Rachelle. “Ritual and Play in Buddhist Nun-Making: Girlhood, Nunhood, and the Shaping of the ‘Little Teacher’ in Today’s Myanmar.” pp. 1-33 Thanapas Dejpawuttikul. “From Archenemy of the Nation to the Intimate Other: Prince Damrong Rajanubhab’s Journey through Burma and … Continue reading

Deep Cuts #24 – Education and Ideology in Myanmar’s Schools (Pt 2)

Continuing from last week’s Cuts, we proceed with our on-going examination of education in Burma, with two more texts. Cheesman, better known for his work on law in Myanmar, also has a Master’s Thesis on Myanmar educational curricula, where he looks “into the texture of text: its style, form, organisation, history and context, and not … Continue reading

Recent Pubs, 27 June 2022

This week in New Pubs we have a short piece by Takahashi on metal musical instruments in Myanmar; Khin Thazin and Campbell on how the coup has impacted Myanmar migrant workers abroad; and a new edited volume by Hussain on encamped Rohingya life. As always, see our Recent Publications page for all of the citations … Continue reading


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